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Crooked Arrows Movie Review

Did you know that the sport Lacrosse came from the Native-Americans?  I'm embarrassed to say I didn't.  My son even knew it from a field trip he went on.  I actually learned this from the new movie "Crooked Arrows" that release today on Blu-ray and DVD.

"Crooked Arrows" is an action packed sport movie about a young coach who leads a Native American high school team on the journey to the state championship.  Coach Joe has to make some decisions about what matters most to him.  Money, or doing right by his his people through the ancient spiritual traditions of Lacrosse.  It's underdog story, much like The Mighty Duck and Hoosiers.

Since I have the Cherokee tribe running through my veins, I thought it was neat to see Native Americans featured in a positive light. I also learned more about the Native American culture and took pride in my roots. There are so many negative stereotypes that many have picked up along the way and this movie dispels them.  It's a family friend film and I would recommend watching it.  You'll get great history lesson as well!

Disclosure: I received this DVD in exchange for my honest review. No money was received and opinions are mine.

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