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Macy's & Staciesayzso: My First Blogger Event!

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of putting together my very first blogger event and Macy's was our gracious host.  Six gals included myself were treated to makeovers from Lancome and nationally know make up artist Alex Sanchez.

When we arrived, we chatted over iced lemon water and were presented with Lancome giftbags.  I love finding new bloggers.  I had not met the ladies over at Borealis before so it was nice to connect.  

I met Twila from Popcultureparent at the MN Blogger Conference back in September.  We promised to stay in touch so I'm glad we were able to hook up.  

I was excited to finally meet Shannon from Hercuprunsover.  She has a beautiful, inspirational blog and spirit I might add.  She even blessed me with a gift.  Coffee!  How did she know?

Lastly, I brought my daughter who blogs at Lipglossagenda.  She desire to be a makeup artist and learned so much that day.  I think she's well on her way.

The girls getting dolled up

Deciding how to make this sista fabulous!  When asked what was my one beauty wish, I said "to get a cute smokey eye look".  I felt super special because Alex worked on all of my make up!  Normally he just does the eyes.  

My before picture

Alex working his magic!

The final results.  Watch out now!

My daughter.  Isn't she gorgeous?

Don't we all look lovely!

Thanks to Macy's and Lancome for putting on such a great event.  Look forward to doing it again!


  1. Perfect, gorgeous looks. Just the right touch as not to look overdone. I want a makeover!

  2. Aw, thanks Sheena. We felt like movie stars! Makeovers are loads of fun.


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