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Old El Paso Coupon Giveaway!

My absolute favorite food is...you guessed it, Mexican food!  Love it!  I could eat it everyday!  Every Friday is Taco night in our house.

Old El Paso has cool dinner kits that you can purchase that have everything you need inside, except for the meat.  Last night we tried the soft shell and Taco kits.  Can you say delicioso?  Plus they have lots of products like green chiles, re-fried beans, Mexican rice, that you can add to your own recipes.

To help you prepare your own Mexican fiesta at home, Old El Paso would like to offer Stacie Sayzs So readers a coupon to try a free product!  Supplies are very limited so HURRY!  However if you miss out, you can still print a high value coupon for $1.10 off of 2 Old El Paso products.  (Free coupon will be mailed to you).


 Disclosure: Free coupons were provided by Old El Paso and I received coupons to try the products myself.


  1. I love Taco Night! I make up chicken and ground beef so we can really mix it up :)

  2. Ooh that a great tip Trisha! Ill have to try that one day.


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