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The High Calling Website Review

Working outside the home can be a challenge for anyone. You have to deal with all sorts of people and personalities.  This can be especially hard for people of faith because the world is watching to see how you will handle the everyday situations you're faced with.  Will you be victorious, or are you just like the rest? 

There's a new tool for Christians to use that will help them be more effective in the workplace.  It's called which is an online magazine and community founded on the belief that God cares about our daily work. There are all sorts of resources like newsletters, audio, and video that you can utilize.  Plus, there's  a whole community that you can tap into. You can even join their facebook page for an extra nugget of encouragement.  Here's an example:

As I browsed through the archives, one title stood out to me.  Family Matters.  It describes a man that leaves for work in the morning and arrives ready to start his day.  But, the high calling of his day doesn't end when he leaves work, but continues as he is a husband, a dad, a basketball coach. No one gives him a paycheck for any of that work, but it matters, too.  Amen to that!

The article looks at relationships and how they matter.  There's work and family.  But there's also the work of family.  Like when you have to deal with an ailing parent, or encouraging a spouse when they are ready to throw in the towel on a job. The work of family.  That's what matters most!

I feel like this website offers good, practical advice for anyone who seeks to be better at work.  I don't work outside the home in a traditional sense, but I work with people everyday.  Heck, my husband, my kids, the cashier at Walgreens, companies, friends, and readers. I work with all of them. can be a valuable resource for anyone.  Employed or not.

Disclosure: This is a compensated post but my opinions are always real and genuine.


  1. Sounds encouraging and a great way for additional support and staying encouraged.

    1. It does look like a great site and had a lot of article that I thought were actually quite good. Especially one about working with snakes...

  2. Checking to see if my other comment went through

  3. Hey that sounds cool! That would have been really great when I worked "out in the world!"

  4. I know, right? But it does have a few tidbits that you can apply to working at home.


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