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H & M Calhoun Square Grand Opening

About a week ago, I decide to brave the crowds and  go try my chance at a free gift card to H&M at their Grand Opening celebration in Calhoun Square.  

When I arrived, there were only about 10 people in line which was great since I expected way more.
I know y'all think I'm crazy, but I told you I love my freebies lol.  Seriously, each person in line would get a gift card from $10 to $300.  And, since I really didn't have much else to do that day, I thought it would be fun to see what I ended up getting.

Now, I have to say this was the best line I have ever waited in.  Area business passed out goodies to those waiting in line like coupons, $10 gift cards to their stores, cookies, and mini subs!

My line friends that I made while waiting lol.

The folks at H & M were super excited.  They danced and did the "Soul Train" line.

We also got gift bags with H & M goodies inside.  I told this lady she reminder me of "Oprah's Helpers".

Some of the doorbuster deals.

Love this clutch!

I ended up with $10 while the person in front of me and behind me both got $25.  Oh well, it was still fun to be a part of and $10 toward your purchase sure helped with my holiday shopping.

So how far do you go for a good deal?


  1. Sounds like fun! Every once in awhile I may trek out IRL to get something free. Of course I get BOGO from Publix all the time and definitely use my coupons for free products, etc. But my main thing is finding freebies online!

  2. We're big fans of H & M too. They always have stylish clothing for everyone.

  3. Yeah, I love online freebies Petula. No waiting in line lol. I don't do this often so it's fun when I do go out.

  4. rmgales- So true. H & M is great for the whole family.


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