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Mary Kay Hollywood Mystique Collection Review

I'm a lipstick and nail polish kind of girl.  I rarely leave home with out something on my lips and painting my nails is a fun way for me to pamper myself while staying trendy.

Mary Kay is a brand that I have used for a long time, ever since my sister in law used to sell it.  I happen to know a great gal who sells Mary Kay and she hooked me up with a few things to try.  So you know what I picked?  You guessed it.  Lip color and polish!  I'm trying the limited edition Hollywood Mystique Collection.

Here, I'm wearing Mary Kay Base/ Top Coat.  Apply to clean, dry nails.

Now, I added two coats of Tempting Teal Nail Lacquer.  I really like the thickness of it.  My nails looked great after just one coat.  Usually, I paint my nails with three coats of color, but there really wasn't any need to do this.  Thumbs up!


Next, I tried the Mary Kay Bold Shine Lip Color in Radiant Red.  I've been looking for a red type of gloss for a while and this stuff is thick and smooth.  It's glides like a gloss but has the coverage of a lipstick.  Who new that I could have the best of both worlds?

Swatch on my skin

First, I applied the Mary Kay Lip Liner in clear to prevent bleeding.  I didn't know that they made such a thing.  May have to order some!

Not bad!  It's a little bright, but I will probably tone it down with a darker liner or put it over a deeper, red lipstick.  It's definitely going to get a lot of use during this Holiday Season!

Don't mind that itty bitty smudge!
Overall, I am very pleased with these products and would surely order more.  To purchase or learn more about Mary Kay, visit Latoya here.  Like her on facebook and twitter as well.

Disclosure: I received free product to facilitate my review.  Regardless, my opinions are honest and 100% my own.


  1. The nail polish and lipstick looks great on you! I like painting my nails too. It makes me feel like I'm a lady. I love Tia and Tamera's nails. They always look so smooth and vibrant. Maybe I need to invest in a manicure kit so I can smooth out the roughness around my nails.

    Have a great week! :)

  2. nice polish color and lipstick. i love pretty polish, but I only get to polish my toes because my hands are in water so much and I have one lipstick color.great review!

  3. Thanks Carrie. I haven't seen Tia & Tamera's nails lately. Might have to check them out. I love being inspired!

  4. Thanks Nicole. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't paint my nails!

  5. In my teens and 20s I always kept my nails done on a regular basis, but I haven't been able to keep up with it for quite some time. The polish really doesn't last like it used to. Back then I always used Revlon. I don't think I've ever tried Mary Kay polish, but I have used their facial creams and cleansers years ago when a friend of mine was selling them. Your review was great and I like the polish on your. You're right that gloss is bright, LOL, but I'm sure you'll hook it up.

    BTW: I like the blog back this way. :-)

  6. Petula- lol! I used to wear polish almost everyday when I was young. I try to at least once a week now.


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