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Beyond Ordinary Book Review

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"Beyond Ordinary" tells the real life story of one couple's struggle to have and keep an extra ordinary marriage.  Authors Justin and Trisha Davis share their personal experiences in the form of a "he said, she said" type of memoir.  They speak of how their beautiful relationship began an how quickly things changed when they started having kids and moving from place to place to do ministry work.

Justin shares on how he lived a self centered life, wanting things to revolve around him. Trisha talked about what is was like loving someone but having to sacrifice her needs and desires for the good of the relationship. Both of their lives ended up in a tailspin after the confession of an affair. Would their marriage survive after such a breach of trust?

Chapters include:

1. No Ordinary Beginning
2. No Ordinary Battle
3. No Ordinary Honesty
4. No Ordinary Journey
5. No Ordinary Contract
6. No Ordinary Crossroads
7. No Ordinary Dependence
8. No Ordinary Confession
9. No Ordinary Forgiveness
10. No Ordinary Healing
11. No Ordinary Sex
12. No Ordinary Marriage

My thoughts:

This book take a candid look at how many relationships break down after time.  When the newness of the honeymoon wears off and now it's time to pay bills and take care of kids, marriage can become average.  Ordinary.  In the midst of all that, you have to work hard at keeping the flames of love burning for your spouse.

One chapter really spoke to me.  They shared that there are two ways to look at your union.  You can view it as a contract or as a covenant   If you are only seeing it as a contract, you'll come to the conclusion that contracts can be broken thus having an ordinary marriage.  If  you choose to see your marriage as a covenant  you'll see your spouse the way God sees them and realize that there are no easy outs.  You are in it for the long haul.

Now, I am in no way justifying the act of adultery.  I think it's a touchy subject and I have to admit, I was disappointed at the way it all went down when I read the details.  But, I appreciate these authors transparancy as they give you a glimpse on what it's like to almost lose everything.  In the end, they share how they restored their relationship and turned their test into their testimony.


  1. Girlllllll!!!! I need to read this book!!!!

  2. Nicole, this book is so good! I think anyone who's married can benefit from reading it so they know how to avoid the pitfalls.

  3. Thank you so much Stacie for your willingness to read our book and review it. Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your thoughts with your readers. We really appreciate it.


  4. Thank you Justin for taking the time to read my review. Your book is such an eye opener for married couples and it's so encouraging to see you two still together. God bless you both!


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