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Sigma Store Grand Opening at Mall Of America

Last Saturday, I attended the Sigma Grand Opening at the Mall Of America.  YouTube guru Tiffany D was the guest of honor.
 This is the second time she has come to the MOA and her fans were thrilled to meet her once again.  Sigma is known for having high quality brushes and many beauty bloggers as well as YouTube make up artists swear by them.    

Tiffany with an excited fan.

The event was catered by Crave.  Don't these treats look delicious?

Sigma Brushes

Sigma Palettes

I normally don't wear a lot of eye shadow, only on occasion   But, I tried the sample pallet and I love the blending brush.  It made a huge difference on my application technique.

Each guest received a gift-bag to take home!

Me, being fabulous!

In the future, Sigma will host many events like this that feature other YouTube Gurus and Beauty bloggers.  I can't wait to see who shows up next!


  1. You are definitely getting out and about. I need to get back in the flow of participating in events. I used to be very active as a magazine editor and writer, but babies, divorce, sickness, financial issues and all of that has culminated into me being hesitant to do anything. I have to get into gear... Yes, you do look fabulous.

  2. Thanks for the compliment! I have been trying to be more proactive when it comes to local events and I'm having fun too.

  3. I really think I want to order some Sigma brushes! I just might visit their website and give them a try! Looks like you had a great time! :-)

  4. Thanks Britton! I like mine a lot.


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