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Sister's In Faith Holy Bible Review

In honor of martin Luther King Day, I thought I would share my review of the "Sisters In The Faith Holy Bible".  As African American's we often refer to each other as sisters or sis, as you may often hear me say.
With us in mind, this bible was made to encourage and empower African American women with God's truth.

Executive editors Michelle Clark Jenkins and Stephanie Perry Moore teamed up on this beautifully illustrated, hardcover, King James Version.  It is a keepsake that would look great on a coffee table or on a nightstand.

Sister's In Faith Bible will help you look at life in these practical ways:

*A Sister's interactions with God
*A Sister's interaction with her family members
*A Sister's interaction with others
*A Sister's interaction with her career
*A Sister's interaction with herself

Features Include:

  • Arise—devotionals that teach how to apply the Bible
  • Quest and Discovery—notes that use scripture to answer common questions about life and faith
  • She Speaks—creative articles written from the perspective of women in the Bible
  • Authorized King James Version text
  • Center-column References
  • Concordance

Additional contributors include Joanne Rosario, Kim Cash Tate, and many others.

My Thoughts:

I always enjoy when companies "get it" and what I mean by that is, that they recognize that African Americans are often under-served in society.  We don't always see images that look like us or show our culture in a positive light.  I've seen a few bibles like this, but not many.  This is a beautiful bible and would truly make a great gift for a mom, aunt, or grandmother.

Disclosure: I received this book from Thomas nelson in exchange for this post.  Opinions are 100% mine.


  1. There was a Bible like this (is this a first edition?) about a decade ago. I don't recall the name, but Sisters In Faith sounds familiar. I had the same feeling of awe about it and the appreciation and relief that someone finally did it! Nice review.

  2. You know, I'm not sure Petula. I know years ago Nia Publishing had bibles for people of color. But they went out of business a while ago.


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