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The Nail Files: Cacique Nail Color

Ultra Violet

On my last trip to Lane Bryant, I fell in love with the nail polish colors.  I don't know about you but I'm real picky about my fingernail polish.  It has to work!  That means no chippin' after the first or second day.  I'm talkin' long time wear!

I ask the sales associate if she'd tried the polish and she mentioned that it was made by OPI.  Really, well in that case...
After thinking about it, I grabbed three to try out.  It didn't hurt that they were on sale too.


In the above look, I painted my nails with Ultra Violet and applied Dazzled to my ring fingers.  I wore this look on New Year's Eve.  Cute eh?

Well, I'm sad to say that after about 4 days my nails were totally jacked!  The polish was cute and pretty thick, but didn't stand the test of time.  I'll probably still wear it on occasion, but next time, I'm going with my gut.

How do you choose your nail lacquers?


  1. i dont know many polishes that last too much longer than that unless you rarely use them but I never keep mine on more than a day and a half anyway. I love that purple and it looks great on you.

  2. The look is soo cute! I'm sorry the polish didn't work out for you. I find OPI polishes don't last that long for me either. I think it just depends on your nail type and what ingredients work best for you. I really love Essie polishes and have found that they last and last on me. I'm talking a full week plus.

  3. As a skinny girl, I never venture in there, but I'm sure their polish would work for a few days. Sorry it didn't work out for you. Like Brandyne said...essie is really good.

  4. Jen- thanks, I thought it was a gorgeous color. I can usually get my polish to last throughout the week, if I behave myself ;)

  5. Brandyne- A week? Now that's what I'm
    talkin' about!

    I love Essie too! Zoya is my fave though. They have awesome colors.

  6. That's o.k. Tori. the color was so cute, I couldn't pass on at least trying it out.

  7. This mani is gorgeous!! Hopping from MM. CJ @

  8. Thanks for stopping by CJ! I'll be sure to check out what your wearing.

  9. Love that purple. It takes some practice getting some brands to stay. Try Orly bonder. It smells like rubber cement but it keeps the nail polish on. I've gotten a weeks wear out of a $1 polish with that bonder.

    Thanks for linking up!

  10. This purple is really pretty on you! And I have a problem with OPI polishes lasting a long time for me too. But because I tend to switch up a lot, I don't mind if the polish doesn't last more than 3-4 days. And I cosign with the other ladies who mentioned Essie. I'm thinking they're the longest lasting polishes I own!

  11. Thanks for the tip Mimi. I should definitely try it!

  12. Miss Dre- thing is, I never have problems with OPI. I think the cashier just said it was made by OPI so I'd buy it! smh

    I do love Essie too!


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