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Uncovered Book Tour: Review

After 5 years of marriage, Minister Stephanie Hall's patience wears thin with her husband's disinterest in sexual intimacy. With her desire for closeness and attention causing her faith to plummet, Stephanie fights an inner struggle of beauty and self-acceptance as her desperate need to be adored grows out of control...

Markus Hall wishes his past would go away, but the haunting events of his childhood years keep him distant from his wife Stephanie, and her constant requests for sex only push him away and remind him of the very things he’d rather forget. When his boss calls upon Markus to tutor his stunningly gorgeous daughter for her college classes, he can’t resist such a tempting offer, feeling needed and important each time the beautiful tutorial student looks into his

Suspecting that the relationship between her husband and the Indian beauty is more intimate than it seems, Stephanie decides to take matters into her own hands: weary with prayer, she abandons her faith and finds gratification in the arms of Matthew King, a church member’s husband...

With Markus and Stephanie's healing seemingly too far to reach, they both find themselves searching for anything that resembles true love; however, in the pursuit of their new passion, the troubled spouses soon find themselves uncovered in a bitter storm of infidelity. Will this God fearing couple return to their faith and mend their brokenness...?

My thoughts:

Girlfriend, let me tell you!  I don't usually read fiction books but I did decide to participate in this blog tour.  Something about the title, I guess.  When I finally sat down to read this book, I could not stop.  I read it for four hours straight!  My kids and hubby could hear me saying things like, "No he didn't", and "What?" and "Ooooh that is sooo bogus!"  It's one of those kinds of book y'all!  It also had me looking at my hubby kinda funny.  "Um, where did you say you were last night"?

Seriously though, this book is not for everyone.  It supposed to be a Christian book, but there are a lot of intimate details that perhaps could have been left out.  It's a hot and steamy read about adultery in the church.  Say it ain't so! While it is raunchy at times, it shows what can happen when you take your eyes of of God and try to fix your marriage your own way.  Uh yeah, I think I'm straight!

Eventually reconciliation takes place and the books ends in a way that left me misty-eyed.  It's a good book if you can handle it. ; )

Shenette is a motivational speaker, a community activist, an incredibly diverse vocalist, and a new novelist. The year 2010 saw Shenette’s first published work in “Home Again; Stories of Restored Relationships”, a heartwarming anthology by award winning author Wanda B. Campbell. Since then, Shenette has perfected her craft as a writer in order to produce her first novel, Uncovered. When she isn’t blogging, journaling, or creating another story, Shenette enjoys taking an aggressive stand in the community against domestic violence and sexual assault. 


  1. Thank you, Stacie, for taking the time to read Uncovered by Shenette Jones. This is her debut novel and I know she will be very excited about your review.

    Thank you also for participating in a Tywebbin Virtual Tour.

    Many Blessings!

    Tyora Moody

  2. Stacie, Stacie, Stacie!!!
    This has to be the most honest and wonderful review lol! It definitely is a page turner. I do often give the disclaimer to my readers..this book is not for kids and it's definitely not for those who might be looking for something "nicey nicey!" God lives in the midst of our lives even when we're doing ridiculous things, and I hope the message of forgiveness and reconciliation stood out. however...STEAMY... is definitely a great way to describe it and yes it crossed the Christian fiction borderlines! Thank you doll!! you're a blessing and I love your site! Sure do appreciate the review!

    Author Shenette Jones

  3. No problem Tyora, I enjoyed reading it!

  4. You are so welcome Shenette! Loved your book! You have an awesome talent sis. God bless!


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