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Walmart's Affordable Little Black Dresses

Have you heard about Walmart's new line of $20 little black dresses?  Fashion Blogger Penny Chic, will be introducing her new line at Walmart on February 15th.  You'll find four styles to add to your closet.  The Skater, The Peplum, The Classic, The Curvy.

Photo credits: Penny Chic

The Skater

The Curvy

The Peplum
The Classic

What do you think about Walmart's $20 little black dresses? I think they're cute, but I would have to check out the quality, if you know what I mean.  All in all, they're pretty and stylish.  I may just have to try one on to see what I think.

Now it's your turn.  What do you think about these?  Would you buy your little black dress from Walmart?


  1. I'm so in love with The Peplum Dress! Who knew Walmart could carry such cute dresses!!

  2. I know, right? That's my favorite too!

  3. I actually bought a black wrap dress from Walmart last year. Just a random purchase on my way to checkout and I LOVE IT! It's one of my favorite dresses. The material is a cotton/poly blend (I think) but it almost looks like a thick jersey knit. People laugh and think I'm joking when I say I got it from Walmart. LOL!

  4. Wow! Very nice! I have found some nice pieces at Walmart in times past so I will definitely check this out.

  5. Tracie- Really! I love wrap dresses! Maybe I should check these out then.

  6. FabEllis- I've bought clothing from Walmart too, but it's been a while. Looking forward to seeing how these work.

  7. I like the last 3. I wouldn't count on the quality :-? But maybe....I would have to see first.

  8. I never would think to buy a dress from Walmart but I admit, these are cute! I would see what the material feels like and give it a go. $20 is great for the must-have wardrobe staple AKA the little black dress :)


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