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Klout Perk: Behind Ear Thermometer Review

I've got Klout! Well that's what they say anyways.  My latest Klout Perk is the Behind Ear gentle Touch Thermometer.  When I looked at the package it shows a baby on it but it can be used by anyone.  It came right on time too, because my digital one stopped working.

It's cool because all you have to do is place the thermometer behind the ear and it will read the temp in seconds.  It was so simple that it was hard for me to figure out lol.  I guess I was expecting something more difficult.

Disclosure: I received this as a Klout Perk. I am bot obligated to talk about the product nor company and have done so on my own.


  1. It is easy and fab to use, isn't it? My daughter is now using it for my grandbaby. I've tried it on almost everyone in the house! LOL

  2. Wow, that is a GREAT Klout perk! Looks like a great item to have on hand. I have gotten some really good things from Klout myself.

    1. This is the first time I've gotten a really nice perk. Usually, it's a discount or something like that. This will be very useful around here!


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