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Bread & Wine Book Review

I received an advance copy to review of the book called "Bread & Wine - a love letter to life around the table with recipes".  Author Shauna Niequist does a good job telling her life stories while mixing it with intriguing recipes.

I love reading recipe books.  I think I get that from my Grandma.  However, I was a bit disappointed that this book didn't have pictures of the recipe results.  That a must for me.  I need to see the vision clearly!

There are a few recipes that I would be willing to try like the Basic Vinaigrette which seems easy enough for me to learn.   Or, Annette's Enchiladas that are made with chicken, sour cream, and green chilies.  Sounds spicy!  And the Farmer's Market Potato Salad has olives in it.  Ooh, yummy.  Dark Chocolate Sea Salted Toffee sounds the best one yet.  I think I'm actually going to try this one.

My thoughts

I would have preferred that they sent the actually corrected book than the uncorrected advanced copy.  It's hardcover and I got a paperback.  There were also a lot of reading which I don't care for in my recipe books.  Nevertheless, I think I may try a few of these recipes.

Disclosure: I received this copy in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Yes, I prefer to read the final copy as well and I would prefer not to have a lot of reading either. Sounds like there are some yummy things to try in there.

    1. I agree. Last night, I made one of the Toffee recipe and it turned out pretty well.


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