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Campus Bellhops: A New Moving Service for College Students

In less than four months, my oldest son will be off to college.  I'm excited, but there is so much to do!  He hasn't decided if he will stay home or on campus, but I think if he had a choice he would definitely stay on campus.  He still has time to decide though.

When my daughter left for college, we had to transport all of her things and move her by ourselves.  She didn't have too much to move, but it was still an undertaking.  We loaded up our minivan and made a day of it.  I remember the dorm being quite small with no air conditioning, and the halls were quite cramped.

This time, if my son does decide to stay on campus, we may make use of a new service called Campus Bellhops.  Campus Bellhops does the dirty work for you, well...moving anyway.  Plus, when you use the promo code StacieSayzSo, you'll save 10%!

Here's a few facts about Campus Bellhops:

·        * Campus Bellhops is a student-run moving company on 50+ college campuses across America.
·       * They cover move-ins and move-outs for dorms, houses, apartments and storage facilities.
·       * Standard dorm moves are under $100.
·       * All Bellhops/movers are University students and the client receives an email prior to the move that              includes the bios of their two assigned Bellhops.
  * The company was started by two entrepreneurs at Auburn University who grew their business to cover        50+ campuses and employ 2,500+ students.

Campus Bellhops can be found on facebook, twitter, YouTube, and even Pinterest.  Visit for more info!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However, the opinions are all my own and I would use this service myself.


  1. Hey, we did the same one! I feel like we're blogging twins now. :-) Fun, huh? I hope both of us make a little moolah off of this. :-)

    1. I saw that lol! Sounds like a great service and opportunity!

  2. Looking at this picture I immediately remembered my own move to a new home. I was very lucky that I have addressed in this company These guys work very quickly, and most importantly that the price is very affordable.


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