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Finally Putting Flowers in My Flower Box

Ah, Spring is finally in the air.  It's time to get some gardening done.  Since we will be hosting our son's Grad party at our house, we figured a trip to Home Depot was in order.  I ended up using the gift card that I received here.

Now, don't be confused, I am no gardener.  We have a simple window box that has been empty for several years.  Partially, because I hate flying insects with one yellow and black species in particular.  But, I decided this would be a good time to finally put something in there.

We settled on a plant that has very few blooms because I don't like flowers (see above).  I also added some Pansies...I think...that I got for free.  So much for not planting any flowers.

My hubby does a wonderful job keeping the grass and bushes tidy, but didn't feel like it that day.  Oh well, we've got the whole Summer.

Zack giving us his look of aproval.


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