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Put Some Spring In Your Step with Claritin #spon

Being a part of the Claritn Mom's Crew has proved to be a good opportunity for me.  Since the men in my life all have allergies, I think I'm sort of a pro when it comes to Claritin.  It doesn't help that we have a dog, and live in dusty,old-er house, though I try to keep dust at bay.  We've had a few bouts with the itchy eye and runny nose season, but we've pretty much stayed on top of it by keeping Claritin close by.

To celebrate the warmer months, I revived a gift pack that included Claritin Grape chewable tablets, Grape syrup, and cool ice packs for your head and sinus. Now, my medicine cabinet is stocked with this stuff, but it's nice to have back ups on hand.  My son likes how easy the tablets are to take.

Here are some helpful tips that I use for fighting off allergies:

* Use a HEPA filter air purifier
* Change your furnace filters often
* If you don't have hardwood floors, be sure to vacuum often
* Dust frequently, and don't forget to dust your kids rooms
* Use mattress and pillow plastic covers that zip to keep out allergens.
* Make sure that you give your kids Claritin early in the season and don't skip any days.

How are you fairing with allergy season?  What works well in your household?  I'd love to hear your tips!

Disclosure: As a Claritin Mom Crew member, I occasionally receive samples to share.  Opinions are still my own.

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