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So Long Insecurity Teen Edition Book Review

I am a part of the Tyndale Blog Network and today I'm reviewing the latest book I received from them.  It's called, "So Long Insecurity Teen Edition", and as you can tell by the title, it's a book geared specifically for young girls.

As you know, I reviewed the adult version of this book last year.  I have a young niece that I though would really enjoy this book so I chose to take a look at it for myself.

This time, author Beth Moore decided to take a different approach when speaking to adolescents.  This book version is done in a magazine layout with bright pictures of teenage girls of all ethnicity.  The entire book is done in a question and answer type of format, just like you would find in your favorite magazine.

Beth Moore tackles tough questions that young people face like, am I good enough? What does real beauty look like?  Plus, everything girls want to know about boys!  There are 8 chapters and the end of the book has a prayer of salvation for those who wish to make this change.

Sample chapters include: 

Media Hype: What does real beauty look like?
Boys, Boys, Boys: Why they sometimes make us crazy
Competition: When girls get ugly
Secure Girls: seeing yourself as God sees you
and more!

My thoughts:

Since my daughter is grown, I decided to review it myself.  Personally, I would have loved having a resource like this when I were young.  It gives real answers to real questions that many girls are asking today.  Plus, it does it in a biblical perspective.  I plan to gift it to my niece that's having a birthday soon.  I would definitely add this to your library.


  1. I still have books similar to this that I bought for my oldest daughter. I recently started sharing one of the "about my body" ones with my middle daughter. The one you've reviewed here sounds like a great one to add to our library!

    1. It is! Would have been great for my daughter when she was younger.


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