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5 Fall Trends Anyone Can Do!

Fall hasn't quite arrived yet, but I wish it would.  I am loving the cute new trends for the season, and I can't wait for the weather to finally cool off a bit.

In the mean time, here are five easy ways that you can incorporate this seasons hottest looks.

1. Deep lipstick colors.  Burgundy and plum is still hot, but deep wine and dark reds as all the rage.

2. Jewel tone eyeliners.  Think jade and turquoise. Line your eyelids on top or bottom with a colorful liner. Wear with a neutral eye shadow for eyes that pop.

3. Green, Burgundy, metallic, turquoise, nude nail polish hues, textured nails, and nail art.  Painting your nails has never been so edgy!  Olive and forest greens are in.   Also, barely there nudes.  Add a colored french tip to a nude nail and get a manicure that's stylish.  If you're the creative type, play with textures like adding jewels to the nails.  Textured nail polishes are still trendy as well.  Oval and stiletto nail shapes are in, but I'm sticking to my good old square shape.

4. Matte lips and nails.  Now I don't personally care for matte lips, but I'm loving matte nails.  You can purchase a Matte top coat and apply it to your favorite Fall shade for a different look altogether.  I plan on picking one up soon!

Image credits both H&M

5. Framed handbags. Sorta like structured bags, or triangular shaped purses. This can easily update any wardrobe without spending a fortune.

Which Fall trend are you ready to try?


  1. Your pics are nice... Love the polish colors! I'm looking forward to wear my boots but I'm yet holding on to Summer!


    1. Thank you LA Lynn. I can't wait to wear my boots eiter, but I CAN wait for the snow lol.

  2. I just made my best by ever--a bag within a bag so I can swap purses without a herculean effort. This is my last year of teaching and I'm analyzing my style to see what is the teacher I can shed and what is me. Stopping in from Sharefest.

  3. Fun! I'm not a makeup person, but I can do the nail color. And I am intrigued by the matte top coat. I'm going to have to try that. Thanks.

    Happy Sharefest.

  4. Those framed handbags are cool. That's a trend I can get with


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