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Raise A Giant, Help Stop Bullying and Win $25 Gift Card - CLOSED

School.  It can be tough for a child who's being bullied whether it's elementary or High School. A kid can feel intimidated and alone when faced with bullying.  Even I had to deal with bullies in senior high believe it or not. I had friends that would stand up for me from time to time, but not as much as I needed.

Now days, there's cyber bulling and so on.  I can't imagine what young people go through now that we have the wonderful worldwide web.  Thankfully, people are beginning to stand up for those being hurt in this way. 

Green Giant has a cool new way to help parents raise our kids to be giants.  What does it mean to be a giant?  It's not being the biggest or the best, but it's about standing up for others.  Watch this video to learn more about the campaign.

Tips on raising a giant:

1. Visit RaiseAGiant.com to find inspiration from the letters parents have written
to their children.

2. Start your letter by letting your child know how special he or she is. Give
examples of the unique things you love most about your child.

3. Encourage your child to always be proud of who they are, no matter what
others may do or say.

4. Help your child recognize the signs of bullying.

5. Ask your child to not stay silent when they see someone being bullied. Show
them that the right thing to do is help the person being bullied or go tell an
adult. And, if they are comfortable with it, to speak up and say something.

6. Explain to your child how bullying is never ok, no matter what.

7. Share a story from when you were a kid of a time you experienced bullying and
how you handled it.

8. Go over some suggestions for how to deal with bullying and explain how just one
kid saying “that’s not ok” can influence other kids and help them become giants too.

9. Make sure your child knows that you will always protect and support them.

10. Let your child know that they are not alone and reassure them that you will
always work with them to overcome whatever problems they may experience.

11. Share your letter at RaiseAGiant.com to inspire other families to be a part of

Green Giant is proud o partner with PACER's  National Bullying Prevention Center to develop The We Will Generation, an in-school student-to-student curriculum helping students understand how they can handle bullying. 

Visit http://www.raiseagiant.com/ for more info.

Would you be willing to help in the fight against bullying?  Great!  To thank you in advance for your support, General Mills would like to give one Stacie Sayz So reader a $25 gift card!

To enter, leave a comment.  For extra entries, use Rafflecopter.

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Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by Green Giant® through MyBlogSpark.  A donation of $25 will be made in my name to Pacer's Center for Bully Prevention.


  1. I've noticed this has become a problem in schools and on the playground. When I was in elementary school I, unfortunately, was the one who bullied. In middle school people tried to bully me, but I was fiesty. And funny thing was I would stand up for kids who were being bullied by someone else.

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