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Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers

I received a coupon to try this out.

Eat your vegetables!  Words many children, and even some adults don't want to hear.  Good thing Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers has a good variety of frozen veggies that the whole family can enjoy.  Plus, these veggies are quick and easy to cook.  Just throw the whole bag in the microwave and follow the directions.

My adult taste buds wanted to try the Valley blend that was made with a garlic butter sauce.  My kids however, preferred plain corn.  No worries, Green Giant has it covered!



  1. My babies LOVE these. I never thought I'd give birth to kids who actually like veggies! I think the butter sauce draws them in lol

  2. Yum. I bought a different brand. I just popped it in the microwave and bam done. I bought the broccoli with cheese. It's great with plain white rice.


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