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Make Cookies the Easy Way with Pillsbury

I received a coupon to try these out. I was not obligated to write about it.

The Holiday season has me in a serious baking mood.  I don't know if it's the cold temps or what, but I love to make warm cookies.  

I usually make them from scratch, but when I'm short on time I pick up a package of ready made Pillsbury Cookies.  I pop them in the oven, and I'm done.  What's even better is when my son decides that he'll make them for me.  So sweet!

What's your favorite cold weather treat?  How do you make your cookies?  From scratch or the Pillsbury way?


  1. That looks so good, but I don't need

    1. I hear ya girl, neither do I. But I love them so! ;)

  2. Girl.... the problem with me making cookies is the stomach ache I will have after OD'n on them all night long. Especially that brand!


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