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Forty One & Still Fab!

Forty was fun,
now it's time for 41

Wow! Today I turn forty-one and I'm thankful for another year.  With one year down, I can actually say I'm in my forties. Last year was a tough year for me.  I had a lot of life changes.

What I've learned over the year is:

The more things change, the more things stay the same.
My body is starting to feel forty.  Not old by any means, but older.
I have no time for foolishness.  I am just too old for mess!
I MUST start taking time for myself.

But forty hasn't been all bad...

The other day, I told someone that I was turning 41 and they almost fell out their seat!  Man you look good for your age!  *smile* I also love it when cashiers and servers call me honey or sweetie.  I chuckle to myself thinking I'm probably 10 years older than you.

I now realize:

I still got it ;)
I get better with age
Being called Grandma really doesn't bother me

How do you deal with getting older?  Are you in your forties?  How is it going for you? 


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