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Frigid Temps and Sick Folks #stupidcold

As I sit and write this, it is 5 below outside.  But the air temp it feels like -24.
 I thought we'd stay home and watch our church service on live stream (don't judge me) but it wasn't working.  Instead, were just chillin'. Not because of the bitter cold, but because everyone in the house is getting over sickness, except for my son.  I pray he doesn't get it.

On Christmas Eve, we went to a family get together, and let's just say that a relative, (I won't name names) gave us a little gift.  You know, the kind you want to give back?  That's family for ya!

Two days later, my youngest had a temp of 104.5! I threw him in a tub of lukewarm water with t he quickness!  It came down thankfully, but he was sick a few days. My husband was out for the count too. Then my poor little Grandbaby was sick.  Next was my daughter, who is still coughing terribly.  

As, I cared for everyone during what was supposed to be a vacation, I was busy confessing "I ain't getting sick"!  Now, I too am having to deal with it. I'm not sure if it was the flu or not, but I had to deal with the yuckness of nausea and vomiting.  I know, TMI.  Thank God that's over, but I'm currently fighting a headache and back pain.

Tomorrow will be the coldest day we've had her in years.  The wind chill is expected to be -50.   School will close and when school closes in Minnesota because it's cold, let me tell you, it's cold!   

Darn Polar Vortex!  It's sending frigid air from the North Pole down to the US and wreaking havoc everywhere. Temperatures could be life threatening here.  Let's pray for all the homeless people out there.

In the meantime, Tylenol is poppin' and so is the Gatorade, soup and crackers.  Pray for a sista : /

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