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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine's Day On The Cheap!

Valentine's day is upon us and many folks are still trying to recover from Christmas bills.  If you are looking for ways to celebrate your sweetheart on a budget, here are some ideas that I have personally done myself.

1. Want to go to a fancy restaurant? Check sites like Groupon, Crowd Cut, Living Social and even  They often have places to dine at a discount.

One year, my hubby and I went to Murray's Steakhouse and had a blast!  For those that don't know, Murray's is one of Twin Cities most known places to find a butter knife steak.  Went spent half of what it would have originally cost us by using one of these sites.

2.  Meet your spouse for lunch instead of dinner.  Most places have the exact same menu, just cheaper.

3. Another option is to go out for breakfast, or go on a coffee date.  Spend the morning talking and enjoying one another's company.

4. Forgo diner and opt to eat at home.  Prepared a nice spaghetti or steak meal with dessert and be sure to light some candles and play soothing music.  Buy a pizza for the kids and send them to their rooms for a movie night of their own.

*Tip* ALDI has small round steaks wrapped in bacon for around $1.99 each.  Bake a few potatoes and add a salad, and you've got yourself a nice meal.

5. If you are super cheap or the funny type, you can make reservations at White Castle.  Comes complete with decorations, glass flutes and even paper menus!

6. Go to a cheap show.  Does your city have a discount movie theater? Catch a flick that you may have missed in regular theaters.

Another option would be to see the current feature at a discount.  Many theaters are less expensive before a certain time.  Leave work early and check out that movie you've been wanting to see.

7. Lastly, make it a Netflix or Redbox movie night and order take out.  Our city has a local steak spot and I'm seriously considering ordering dinner for two and bringing it home.

*Bonus tip*

I've never done this but if your sweetie doesn't mind receiving treats a day late, you can buy your chocolates at 50% off the very next day.  Just a thought.

Got any tips for a cheap Valentine's day?  Do tell!


  1. these are some great ideas!
    The Adored Home

  2. My hubby and I do the lunch idea and it works well for us. I about fell out of my chair though to see that you mentioned Murray's Steakhouse - though I no longer live in the Mpls. area I'm a MN girl born and raised and went to Murrays' for my junior prom - what a blast from the past it was to read about in your post! That is such a funny coincidence. Happy to have discovered your blog via #SITSBlogging!


    1. Wow, that is a coincidence! Murray's steakhouse was new to us, but we enjoy every bite. We need to go back!

  3. What's easy and creative ways to share a special
    Valentine's day with the one you love. I will use these useful tips and ideas in future. I love your blog and will visit again. Via #SITSBlogging

    1. Glad I could help! Hope you enjoy your special day.

  4. OK next year I'm doing the breakfast idea...that's such a great idea!!! <3 We did the movie + takeout idea this year...ordered a heart-shaped pizza from PapaJohns! So cute :D

    1. A movie and a heart shaped pizza is a nice low key way to celebrate. I like it!

  5. I'm so glad V-day is on this weekend this year! So earlier activities woulds be perfect. In years past, when the holiday fell on a weekday everyone's forced to do evening activities because of work and such! Awesome ideas Stacie! #brownbloglove

    1. It's so convenient that it falls on a Saturday this year. You can be more creative when you have the whole day to plan it out.

  6. These are great ideas for any date night. I am all for doing fun things on budget.

  7. I love these cheap yet cute ideas. My hubs would get a kick out of a White Castle date. He would love that but we no longer live in a state that has White Castle. I'm going to plan something for us that is quick. We need to get back to dating.

  8. I did not know that about white castle! Funny! I used to do netflix until I got a smart TV and now uses Vudu or Amazon prime. Great advice!


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