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Majestcal Jewelry Earring Review

Earrings are my favorite jewelry accessory! You won't find me leaving the house with out them.  I had a chance to review a company called Majestic Jewelry in exchange for my thoughts on it.

I was impressed to see my earrings in a cute little jewelry box.

Love this beautiful packaging!  Makes me feel like I'm getting a gift.

Now, I didn't actually order this pair, they were sent to me.  They're remind me of something I would have worn back in the 80's. Though I currently wear earrings that dangle, I think these would be cute paired with a brown or black top or an ethnic print dress.

Sorry it's blurry.

For more info on Majestical Jewelry, visit their website here.

What is your must have accessory?


  1. I love when jewelry gets delivered in beautiful packaging. It feels like such a treat to open. Those are really popping. I like them! #productreviewparty

  2. I could see myself wearing these earrings. Earrings are a must for me and I never leave home without some on. #ProductReviewParty

    1. I know! I feel so bare when I forget to put some on.

  3. I love jewelry so I will be sure to check this company out. #ProductReviewParty

    1. Some of their earrings were really cute. The Necklaces weren't bad either.


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