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Frugal Family Days Are Back!

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Believe it or not, my son has already been out of school for almost two weeks.  I've been trying to keep him busy with something other than videos games, but boy, it can be costly.

Last year, I did a lot of Frugal Family Days with my kids and this year will be more of the same.  In fact there are lots of deals that I already see happening now through places like Crowd Cut (Minnesota) and Groupon, as well as a host of other deal sites.  The key is to purchase these deals right away because they go fast!

Check out some of the current deals:

Park Tavern - $30 unlimited bowling  May - Oct. as many people you want

Malt - Tees Mini Golf - $18 for 4 people + $8 food credit

Minnesota Orchestra - $12 ticket to Mozart

St Paul Saints- $20 for 2 tickets, 2 beers, 2 brats

Water Park of America - $16 various deals

Sky Zone - $15 1 hour and sock for 2 people

Stayed tuned to see the adventures my family will have this year!


  1. Things get expensive indeed! A family of 4 costs an arm and a leg plus a little bit of gold to go out and have a good time! I would have jumped on that Park Tavern deal, but it's so far away from my house. I have a few things up my sleeve though. I will stay tuned to see how you and your family enjoy the Summer.

    1. Thanks Ticka! You're right, we've got 6 now and it get's really pricey. I'm sure you'll find some good deals like you always do ;)


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