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Bath & Body Works: How I Scored $40 Worth for $20!

Bath & Body Works is truly one of my favorite stores.  I mean, they might as well give me a key to the place!  Don't you just love their sales and freebies?  I sure do!

Right now, the Yellow Sale is in full effect, and you can score some pretty good deals!

Here's an example of some of the goodies I got:

Antibacterial Hand Soap $3 ea.

Men's lotion (hope the Hubbs isn't reading this) $4 ea.

A yummy set for moi.

Various other little goodies!

Best thing about this sale is that I only spent $20 for all of it!  Did you hear me?  Twenty buckaroos for $40 worth of stuff!


Now, because I love you, I'll share what I did ; )

1. I had a $10 off of $40 coupon that they sent me, so sign up for their email list!
2. I sometimes Earn Rewards at MyPoints (affiliate) and I used my $10 Bath & Body Works gift card. Watch the video to learn more about how to earn points that add up to $$$.

What are do you hope to get at the Yellow Sale?

*When you click my affiliate link, I get a very small amount that helps support the work I do here. Thanks!


  1. I am gonna have to get on the B & B W wagon more often. I am not sure I'll be able to catch the sale this time, but I have gotten some great deals there in the past. I tell ya, you're always scoring big on the savings. Good job. :-)

    1. Thanks, girl! You know I'm all about the savings! :)

  2. " they might as well give me a key to the place!"

    After reading your post, that is a rightful statement! You cleaned up, Stacie! WOW. Although I love me some BBW, I rarely if ever shop at malls -- especially now with 2 under 3 -- but if I did, I'd want to do it YOUR way! lol

    Have a great weekend, and congrats on a fabulous score. :-)

    1. Lol. Thanks! I get so excited about my deals that I just have to share them! You can score the same deals online to ya know!


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