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New Fiber One Streusel Bars

My kids love eating sweets.  I mean, what kid doesn't? But as a mom, I'm concerned about balancing out tasty treats with healthy options that are good for you.

I recently got the chance to review the new Fiber One Streusel bars.  My kids wanted to snack on these right away! Wait kids, we've got to get the picture!  Let's just say these didn't last long in my house. Heck, my daughter even bought more!

My thoughts

I thought these bars were great for breakfast as well as snacking.  Add a banana, milk, and Oj, and you've got a fast, easy way for the family to start the morning right.  The bars were thick, and I could definitely taste the fiber, but in a good way. Full of rich flavor, it's hard to believe that these babies pack 5 grams of fiber at only 150 calories.

What do you think of Fiber One Streusel Bars?


  1. Sounds yummy. I already like Fiber One products so I'm assuming these will be just as tasty.

    1. Yeah, if you like the taste of Fiber One products, you'd love these.

  2. Oh wow... those look too delicious to be healthy!

  3. I love Fiber One bars but I haven't had this favor before, must be new. Thanks for the review! #ProductReviewParty

  4. Great review, Stacie!

    Yeah, my son would be allover these like a cheap suit, and like you said, add a banana,oj, and milk, and voila!

    Great review! Have an awesome weekend!

    1. Lol. I think it's just right for people that need a quick bite in the morning.

  5. O my gosh those look good! #ProductReviewParty


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