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Son Of God DVD Review

Last year, The Bible series took the world by storm.  It was first introduced on cable, then later on DVD. But if you didn't have cable nor the $60 to purchase the DVDs (6 DVDs), you were out of luck.

That is until  Son Of God hit theaters.  Son Of God, was a the last portion of the series that tells the life of Jesus Christ. Thanks to Fox, I'm reviewing the Blu-Ray + DVD.  It also has Digital HD, that allows you to stream and download on your tv, computer, tablet, and smartphone all in 3 easy steps. There's even a Bible App from YouVersion that has 45 video clips as well as interviews from pastors like Joel Osteen and more. For those that want to go even deeper, Rick Warren has a DVD based bible study and you can also purchase the book too. On Blu-Ray & DVD June 3 (Digital HD available now).

My thoughts

I loved it! I thought the miniseries was great and this DVD is just the short version featuring the life of Jesus. It wasn't as graphic as The Passion, so your kids will be able to watch with you.  Besides a few facts being left out, I think Hollywood did a pretty good job with this portrayal of Christ.

Will you be watching Son of God?


  1. I've seen some of the series on tv but never got around to watch the whole thing. Thank goodness it is not as graphic as Passion of Christ and my daughters are able to sit down and watch. I'm going to let my children's Grandmother know about this DVD. Thanks so much! #ProductReviewParty

  2. I will have to check it out. It is good to know it is not as graphic as Passion of Christ. #ProductReviewParty


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