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A Look Back on My Favorite Summer Beauty Products

I know that Summer is on it's way out the door, but I wanted to share a few products that I have fell in love with this Summer. Besides, it's not technically Fall  until September 22nd, right?

Covergirl Colorlicious.  My oh, my!  These babies bring the shine! Plus, they are pigmented for true color.

Milani Limited Edition Blue Mascara in Azure (turquoise).  These went fast y'all.  My daughter told me about these and I happen to find one left at Walgreens.  However, I did pick up Avon's new mascara in Blue.  The wand looks the same, so hopefully it gives the same coverage.

Last but not least, Sally Hansen Insta-Dry nail polish in Poppin" Paprika and Sonic Boom.  I just love how easy it is to use this applicator. One, smooth stroke will do. And, it dries super - fast.  Got these at CVS for a steal too.

What are your fave Summer beauty items?


  1. Great list of affordable beauty products! I would love to try them all! (I'm a product junkie) #ProductReviewParty

  2. I love lipgloss and mascara. I did not know there were colored mascaras though. I am going to have to see if I can find me some. #ProductReviewParty

  3. Hi Stacie! It's Kelley from the BLM group. Mascara and lipgloss are my everyday beauty essentials. I've also been keeping white nail polish around in many brands including Essie and Sally Hansen. I also have the first polish pictured in the photo above. Love it!

    With Love,


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