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What To Do When Your Kid Doesn't Want To Go Back To School

Let's just say that a certain kid I know is not thrilled about going back to school.  "Summer was way too short!  I agree.  This year has been the best Summer yet!  Average temps around 83 everyday and not as many hot, sticky, days is very unusual for the land of 10,000 lakes (which = mega humidity).  Heck, I don't blame him. I wish this weather would go on for months and I don't even like Summer that much!

So what's a momma to do?

1. Tell him "That's just too bad!
2. Threaten them? - no dessert for you!
3. Bribe them? - more dessert for you!

Okay, it's not that serious.  But, I bet you have thought about doing one, or two of them.  I know I have. Don't judge me!

Seriously though,  I understand why my kid isn't ready.  He's been able to stay up later and sleep in.  Not to mention all the video games he's been able to play.  Who would want to give all that up?  

So here's what I'm going to do to make it more easier.  

*Establish the school routine a week ahead of time.  No use having your kid experience the early-wake-up-blues when they've stayed up all night and all of a sudden have to get ready for school.

*Buy cool clothing and school supplies for your kid.  Include them in the process and let them pick out a few items for themselves.  They'll be excited to show off those new duds and feel more confident at the same time.

*Have one last Summer outing.  Is there an activity that your child wants to do before school starts?  Be sure to put it on the list, so your child feels like his/her Summer vacation is complete.

*Be sure to attend any open House or back to school events.  We have a picnic that we're going to go to.  The idea of course is to let kids see their old friends, meet the new kids, and talk with the teacher as well.  This helps curb any apprehension.

*Keep it real with them.  Remind them that school is necessary to do all those great things they want to accomplish.  Want to be an astronaut?  Got to go to school to do it.  Want to fly jet planes, or build the worlds first fill in the blank?  Chances are, you're gonna need your schooling to do so.
*Don't stop doing fun things with your family just because school has started.  Make sure you keep family game/movie nights and activities planned for weekends so back to school life isn't so boring.

What tips do you have for the reluctant school go-er?

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  1. Sammie did summer school it felt like she never left, ha! But, we did get a short break. Yes, she played video games, stayed up late, slept in & hung out with friends. We did one short summer trip where she wanted to go to a concert. So long summer! Luckily she's back into a routine already since there wasn't much transition time.


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