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3 Easy Fall Hair & Beauty Trends to Try

Everywhere you look, the colors of Autumn are on display.  Leaves are turning bright Reds and gold, and beginning to fall.  It's cooler outside and you've got your cute boots and sweaters, but what about your fall beauty? Here are three easy beauty tips to be trendy this season.

Nails - I'm loving the nail color trends.  Rich, chocolate, hues seem to be pretty dominate.  brick reds and purple and navy blue creams are hot as well.

Lips - Pomegranite and Cherry stained lips are in, which is a close remix of last year's burgundy. Either way, Dark,  berry lips always rule in the colder months.

Hair - Middle parts are in.  I remember wearing this trend in the 90's and it seems to be making a return this fall.  Middle parts are easy to pull off Whether you wear you hair slicked back, in a pony tail, or loose curls.

Which beauty trend will you they this season?


  1. Hmmm... I'm not sure. Probably lip stains, which I really like.

    1. A lip-stain in a berry color would look nice on you. I usually don't wear lip-stains much because they're so hard to get off.


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