How To Host House Parties for FREE!

A friend recently asked me how I get to host so many house parties.  It's not because I'm special, well I am, but so are you, and companies know it.  It's real easy to do.  So easy in fact, I'll show ya.

There are several party places that you can join.  For example:

House Party is my favorite to work with.  Join the website and you'll get emails that will list the many different house parties that you can apply to. I have hosted parties with them over the course of years.  I always manage to get great party packs that I love.  See the party that started it all.

Green Moms Meet - Ooh, it's a close second because I get to host parties all the time with them. This company specializes in showcasing products that are healthy or green in nature.  There aren't a lot of questions to ask.  Just apply and they will get back to you if you qualify.  They are decent and I done some real nice ones, and some smaller parties.  Either way, it's still a great reason to get together with friends.

Vocalpoint used to have great opportunities to host parties, but I haven't seen this as much lately.  I was able to host a really nice Style United party that came with loads of new makeup to try.

If you are a blogger, check with your blog networks.  Many will often have house parties for you to host. You'll get great packages and sometimes they pay you.  Last year, I did a house party for
Werthers Caramels and made some great recipes.  And, I also hosted a party for Cascade Platinum.

Lastly, follow companies you love.  Occasionally they will have opportunities to host a party.  Years ago, Hershey's had a opportunity on there website, and if you're on the mailing list you'll get invites when they come up.  Just the other day Seventh Generation was looking for party hosts in baby magazines as well as in their weekly emails.

I've got my party kit, now what? 

Well, you are expected to do a few things on your end, but you probably already do them anyway.  Like showing pics of your party on Instagram or Facebook.  Telling followers how your party is going in real time on Twitter.  These are just a few examples.  Companies will want to hear from your guests so make sure your guests fill out the online surveys and share how they liked the party.  This shouldn't be hard to do since they're getting a bunch of free stuff from you.  

The whole point is this.  Businesses want to get their products in front of consumers to play with and use. When you tell your friends, they will in turn tell their friends, and so on.  Ultimately it means a sale for them and you get introduce and try an awesome product that you may not have otherwise tried.  Word of mouth still rules, guys!

Now, grab your girlfriends and get your party on!

Have you ever hosted a houseparty? How did it go?


  1. This is good to know. I had no idea about house party hosting companies.

    1. Really? Oh, there are so many out there! You should look into hosting some for yourself.

  2. This always sounds like fun. I still haven't hosted one myself yet. Maybe soon!

    1. It is a lot of fun. Who doesn't want to throw a party on someone else's dime!


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