Thanksgiving In My Home

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope you are relaxing and enjoying family, friends, and love ones on this day.

In my home, our Thanksgiving is like most of yours.  We have a simple dinner that consists of:

As I thought about preparing my Turkey this year, my thoughts took me to a time when I was younger.

My dad had been working since the wee early morning hours smoking our turkey.  Every time he opened the door, we would get a whiff off the delicious smell of smoked meat in the air.  We couldn't wait to dig in! Smoked Turkey, my friend, is the best!  It's slightly drier than your average bird, but the flavor is out of this world!

Well the Grinch decided to come early that year, because as our bird was smoking, someone stole it right out of our yard!  Can you believe that?

Years later, I bought my own smoker, but have only used it once or twice.  Not because of fear that it would be stolen, but because it takes FOREVER to smoke a turkey.

So yeah, no smoked turkey for me.

Maybe one year.

How are you spending your Thanksgiving?


  1. That's crazy People are absolutely nuts!

    1. Isn't it though? I can't even remember what we ended up eating instead.


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