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7 Holiday Party Hosting Tips

Hosting home parties is something I have always enjoyed doing.  I think it comes naturally, I get it from my mom. Below, I'm going to share tips on how to successfully host a holiday party.

How to be a Hostess with the Mostest!

1. Have a game plan.  Know what it is you're doing. Is this a formal dinner party or a more casual get together? Are you going to eat then watch a family movie? Plan the evening out.  Knowing is half the battle.

2. Don't stress! This is so important.  You'll go crazy worrying about the little details if you let yourself. Just know that it will all come together in the end.
3. Start your cleaning at the beginning of the week and do one task everyday.  This will make sure that your not overwhelmed when it's party time.

4.  Prepare meals in advance.  Making your famous cookies or cake? Make it the day before.  

5. Enlist the help of your family. Have the kids help you with a special task. Ask hubby to lend a hand too.  Many hands make light work.

6. Get plenty of sleep! Make sure you're well rested for the big event.  You'll feel so much better after a good nights sleep. Remember a refreshed hostess is the best hostess!

7. Enjoy yourself!  Enjoy the day, friends and family.

Are you hosting any holiday parties at your home?


  1. Great ideas!

    I hate hosting parties, so no, I'm not doing any holiday parties for my sanity.

    1. Lol, I get it! It does take a lot of work and not every one is cut out for it.


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