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Mrs. Cavanaugh's Home-Fashioned Chocolates Reveiw

I love getting to try yummy treats and I recently received a box of chocolates from Mrs. Cavanaugh's to taste and share my thoughts with you all.  My mail carrier brings me lots of goodies, but I get excited when it's something I can eat!  What can I say, I love food y'all.

This was my first time trying out Mrs. Cavaunahs chocolates, but I was pleased.  I laugh every time I say her name because people often mispronounce my daughter's name like this.  


I could not wait to even take a picture of the Mint bar, sorry, but it was calling me!

Look how rich these look!  Now you can understand why I had to eat it!

They look a lil dusty from shipping, I think.
Ooh wee!  I couldn't wait to dig into this box, but I showed some restraint.  I still have some left too.  I don't want to ruin my girlish figure.  Who am I's Christmas!  White Trinidad was the best (the one that looks like a white Turtle).  Followed by the Cherry Cordial, and Mindy Mint.

If you want to send someone a gift, you might want to consider trying this out.

Do you send chocolates for Christmas?


  1. These look soooo good! I want to take a bite out of the big white chocolate one. Yum!

  2. Looks like a great gift for a chocolate lover! #productreviewparty

    1. I agree. They had some interesting chocolates here.

  3. Those are so tempting. I try to stay away from chocolate though because it causes my skin to break out badly. #ProductReviewParty

    1. Oh man, that's too bad! It would be hard to stay away from it.

  4. Those look so good. I do not send candy for gifts but maybe I should! :-)

  5. I think sending gifts is a great idea if your family is out of state.


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