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How I Get Free Bath & Body Works with MyPoints

It's no secret and anyone can do it.  For years, I've been using MyPoints as a way to
get free bath and beauty products.  It's so easy to do.

Basically, you just signup for MyPoints and you can earn points by clicking on ads or surveys that come in the form of an email.  There's also a search bar that you can download onto your computer and you can earn points when you search the internet.

This candle was free after I used my $10 BBW giftcard from Mypoints plus coupon.
Personally, I get about 3-4 emails a day.  I don't do the surveys or the search option but if you choose to, your points will add up much faster.  I will admit, it does take a long time to get points by just doing the emails.  I usually get two $10 gift cards a year.  But honestly, for what takes me about a minute or so a day (more like as often as I check my email), it's an easy way to score beauty freebies.

Both were free!

Another way to get those MyPoints adding up faster is by joining Bzzagent, another cool way to get freebies. When you buzz about your campaign, you get MyPoints added directly to your account. More info about Bzzagent coming soon....

Join MyPoints NOW! - I get some change if you click my referral link.  Regardless, this is something I really like and use.

Have you tried MyPoints yet?  What do you like to use your points on?


  1. Oh wow, I've never checked to see what I could get with My Points from Bzz Agent. I've been missing out! lol Maybe I better pay attentions to those points more! Thanks for the tips!

    1. MyPoints is pretty cool. I used it a lot in "couponing days" as a way to get a lot of freebies. You should definitely check it out.


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