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Want to See Free Movies? Here's How Stacie Does It!

Going to the movies is a lot of fun, but there's nothing more enjoyable than seeing that movie for free.  Am I right about it?  I mean it can easy set you back $60 to take the whole family, let alone buy popcorn and drinks.

So you know your girl had to find another way.  It's so easy, but it does require a bit of work, time, and patience.

How to see FREE movies

*First, sign up to get emails from the following places.  Check your emails frequently because they will send you codes to redeem movie passes for two to four people to attend a movie screening.


Advanced Screenings


Fox Searchlight Screenings

*Check your local newspapers and business.  Sometimes they get movie passes and give them out first come, first serve.

*Radio stations have contests as well.  Check their websites and enter online.

*Film Festival organizations also get movie tickets so be sure to check them out too.  Examples would be Twin Cities Film Festival, etc.

Just a note of caution

Be prepared!  You sometimes will have to wait in line 2 hours before the movie actually starts, so be prepared.  Bring snacks, magazines, homework, whatever.  Go with friends so you can catch up with each other while you wait.  Just remember, even if you have a screening ticket, all seats are first come, first serve. If you're late, you'll miss out!

I know some of you may be thinking, "Ain't nobody got time for that!"  I hear ya, loud and clear.  Don't worry, I've got you covered.

Sign up for rewards programs

*Regal Cinemas Crown Club also has a program where you can earn free admission, popcorn and drinks.

*Showplace ICON has the best deals in town for rewards members.  Sign up for free, to get free upgrades and other perks.  On Tuesdays (MN) tickets are $5 or $6 and you get free popcorn!  No need to sneak in snacks! ;)

* And don't dismiss your local dollar show.  This is still one of my favorite ways to see a movie.

Got any other ideas for seeing free movies?  Do tell!


  1. I doubt they have screenings in our small town but, when I lived in SF / Bay Area they had them & we would always have fun while waiting. Great tips! Pinned to my movie board.

    1. Aw, that's too bad. Free movies are the best! Thanks for pinning, Theresa!

  2. Okayyyy... Soooo I'm not sure if my 1st comment went through but thanks for sharing these sites I most definitely will be checking into them as my family & I are BIG movie goers so any little bit can help. Andddd... I don't have any tips other than we usually hit the $1 dollar store and fill up on snacks before going to the movies. Lol


  3. The cost is the very reason I don't go to the movies... My kids aren't missing out because they go all the time with Disneyland dad. There isn't a dollar theater near here (Hmmm, same as the ALDI. Where I used to live was one pretty close). I'm going to check out what you've recommend... Great tips.


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