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5 Ways To Update Your Spring Makeup with Lilac

Happy first day of Spring!  I'm so glad it is finally here!  Today it will be 60, but this weekend the temps will dip back into the 30's .

In the mean time, I'm getting excited about sporting brighter, and more Spring like colors.
 One color that is making a beautiful comeback is Lilac or Lavender.  Whatever you call it, this purple hue is hot for Spring.

5 Ways To Update Your Spring Makeup with Lilac

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1. Purple eye shadow.  Now this trend maybe too bold for some.  But if you're daring enough, go for it.
Jane has a cute one to try.

2. Lilac Eye Liner eyeliner. This would be more suited for those who don't wear a lot of bright colors on their eyes.  Top it with a purple mascara, or wear it alone.

3. Essie Flowerista $8.50 is a new purple-ish polish for Spring, but Revlon Amethyst is another color you can choose and at $3.79, the price is right.

4. Maybelline Lilac Flush is a pale lilac colored lipstick.  Again, this may be too bright on some skin tones, but if you can pull it off, do so!

5. Purple/Lilac Lip Gloss is probably going to be easiest to achieve.  Lip gloss is usually sheer so you don't have to worry about applying too much color.

Are you planing to wear lilac or purple this Spring?


  1. I may add it to my wardrobe, but I'm not sure about the makeup because I rarely where it. Since you mentioned it I may have to find an eyeliner in that color... Experimenting doesn't hurt.

    1. A super sheer lilac lip gloss may be more suitable for you since you don't like make up. But I bet the lilac eyeliner would look very flattering on you!

  2. That Essie nail polish looks really pretty. I may have to try that out.

    1. It is cute! I don't have this one yet because I have a couple other brands that are the same color.

  3. The nail polish is really pretty and the lip gloss, too.



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