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Sister Chris's Fruit Flavored BBQ Sauce Review

Spring is here and on warm sunny days, you can smell the BBQ in the air around here.  I am as ready as ever to start grilling up some delicious food, or at least eating some!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Sister Chris, a fiery, local lady with a love for God and BBQ sauce. She gave me a gift set to try out and share my thoughts with my readers.  Her homemade BBQ sauce has a special twist to them.  Fruit!  With flavors such as Kiwi, Banana, Mango, you're sure to find a unique taste unlike anything else on the market.

Sister Chris's Fruit Flavored BBQ Sauce comes in these flavors:

*Pineapple Paradise
*Mango Deliciousness
*Kiwi Explosion
*Banana Sizzle
*Coconut Goodness

My Thoughts

I fixed chicken wings so my family could try all of the sauces.  My family chose Kiwi Explosion as the sauce they liked best.  It even has real kiwi seeds in it.  Pineapple Paradise and Coconut Goodness were my favorite.  I could even see myself making a sweet and sour type meatball with the two of these sauces combine.  I personally feel like these sauces would go best with chicken or pork, but it depends on how creative you are in the kitchen.  Either way, the sky is the limit with these sauces.

And remember, when you make a purchase of Sister Chris's Fruit Flavored BBQ Sauce, you are supporting a grass roots company in North Minneapolis.  For more info, tips and recipes, visit today!


  1. Hmmm these sound tasty to try! I don't think I would have thought of this on my own.

  2. I love local creators! I did a Bbq post last year for a local. LOVE sauce great post girl!!!!!!!

  3. Now these sauces sounds really good. My family love dipping their chicken in different kinds of sauces. #ProductReviewParty

  4. All of these flavors sound really yummy. I would love to try pineapple and coconut.

  5. Yum, I just got a new grill! I'd love to try some unique sauces like these!

  6. Love local small business. I would definitely support. There is nothing like a good sauce to bring life to a dish no matter how simple. Will check out Sister Chris.

  7. I like the sound of the flavor choices, I had all kinds of ideas floating around my head. I love to support small business owners. I recognize the struggle and I love to eat.


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