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Yves Rocher Serum Vegetal Skincare Line

Yves Rocher is a brand that I have come to love.  I've been using their skin care products for two years now and I trust that they will always provide great skin care products.

There's a new daily care line from Yves Rocher that helps with wrinkles and lifting called Serum Vegetal and I received complimentary samples in order to try out and share my experiences with you all.

Yves Rocher Serum Vegetal 

*Has a anti-wrinkle and lifting effect that reshape the face.
*Wrinkles & Lifiting V shaping Serum help with smoother skin and elasticity
*Rides & Lifting Day and Night cream help reduce wrinkles and fine lines and skin appears more elastic.

"Your skin looks visibly younger, thanks o the Ice Plant, also know as the Life Plant, the anti-wrinkle active ingredient naturally assimilate by your skin (in vitro test)." *Per website.

V-Shaping Care- Day and Night Cream $27

The V Shaping Day Care smoothes even pronounced wrinkles and restores the density of the skin's mesh.
Facial outline appears resculpted.  The night cream works while you sleep. Results in 
wrinkles appear immediately lifted.

V-Shaping-Serum $27

Applied under your moisturizer, the V Shaping Serum boosts its effectiveness. It instantly lifts even pronounced wrinkles resulting in immediate decrease in wrinkles.

Lifting Eye Care $19

The Lifting Eye Care instantly smoothes wrinkles and fine lines of crow's feet. Dark circles appear faded, under eye bags appear decongested resulting in immediate smoothing effect.

Supra Lift Mask $17

The Supra Lift Mask’s brush tip shapes facial outline and lifts even pronounced wrinkles resulting in complexion’s radiance is instantly boosted.

*All results per website.

My thoughts

So far so good.  I have really sensitive skin and I didn't notice any burning or redness which is always a plus when I try out something new.  I did get a few pimples, but that may have been just me.

I've been using three of the products above for a few days now.  The day cream, serum, and eye care.  I haven't used the Supra Lift Mask because it says not to use if you have sensitive skin.   I like how thick and rich the day cream is and anything that can help the appearance of my eyes is wonderful.  It has a nice perfume scent and the more I use these products, I'm sure I'll see more results.  I'll keep you posted!

Do you use Yves Rocher skin care? 


  1. I've used some of their products in the past, but not these. I would love for you to pack up all of these and send them to me. Please... Thank you! :-) Nice review.

  2. Great post girl. I have also used Yves Rocher off and on over the years! I get their catalogs in the mail and sometimes I get stuff from them! O and the free gifts you get with the purchases are so awesome! One year I even bought their mens already filled stocking for my husband.

    1. That's cool that you've been using them for a long time. I just heard of them in recent years, but I love what I've been trying!

  3. I still haven't used Yves Rocher skincare products but would love to though. #ProductReviewParty

  4. I've never heard of this line but their products sound great.
    PS: I don't know why I kept thinking about Ferrero Rocher for the entire post :)


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