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Pieology Pizzeria

Now that school is out, I have more time to spend with my kids. I decided to take them to a family friendly pizzeria call Pieology. I received a couple of coupons to help offset the cost.

Pieology is a pizzeria that specializes in custom pizzas. It's a cross between Chipotle and your favorite brick oven pizza place. It also reminds me of Subway because you can get as many toppings as you would like.

Pieology Pizzeria Highland Park location – 2111 Ford Parkway, St. Paul

Pieology Pizzeria is/has:

-Stone oven fired
-Create your own pizza

-Unlimited toppings
-Unique offerings: Alfredo sauce, pesto sauce, buffalo sauce, six different cheeses, and more 

-Whole Wheat and Gluten Free dough available

Real Talk

This was a cool place to take the family or meet friends for a quick bite to eat. I like the idea of being able to order a custom pizza. That way everyone is happy, because you know how kids can be picky eaters.

Have you been to Pieology yet? Do you have something similar in your neck of the woods?


  1. Our favorite build your own pizzeria is called Blaze. They us quality ingredients. So delicious. Yes, we have been to Pieology but we prefer Blaze.

  2. There isn't anything like that near me but maybe in the city. I've never heard of Pieology. Looks and sounds like good pizza.

  3. Nope, never heard of this place before. I love the idea of customizing your own pizza. I would go there if there is one in the Atlanta area. #ProductReviewParty

  4. I would love to try a place like this. Especially, with a gluten-free dough option.

  5. Gluten-free dough? Maybe my husband could eat here too. This seems like a cool concept of a restaurant.

  6. That pizza with artichoke hearts on it looks delicious!


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