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My Hair Journey: Wigging Out

I've been thinking about wearing a wig for quite some time. I know it's really no big deal and now women wear wigs all the time! Let's just say that the Hubbs really isn't on board. But I think he could get used to it. *wink*

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Here, I am playing with a few of my daughter's wigs she has bought. That's why you still see the lace. I like the length of the black wig but honestly, the red wig frames my face so much better. If I do buy a wig, it will be something like this.

Wigs I've Been Stalking

Sensationnel Empress Connie Wig in a darker color, of course!

I feel like wigs take years off my appearance and they're both flirty and feminine. Ultimately, It really isn't about what any one else thinks, it's for me. It something that I want to do.

Do you wear wigs? Which wig do you like the best?

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