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Trim Healthy Mama Plan Book Review

Everyone wants to lose weight (including myself) so I requested the book trim healthy mama plan to review in hopes that I might learn something new about being a healthy mom.

When I first heard about the Trim Healthy Mama Plan, I thought it would be a good interesting weight loss book for me to read. Authors Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison are actually Christian music artists as well. They gave up that lifestyle to become full time mamas and I felt I should be able to relate.

The title says that it's the easy does it approach to vibrant health and a slim waistline, but I felt that there was nothing really easy about it. The first book is basically a guide to how to use the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. 

I found this book to be hard to understand. It's seem to be difficult and this book is useless without the cookbook. I would not recommend reading this book alone.

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