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Must Haves for Your July 4th Get-together

I cannot believe that the fourth of July is right around the corner. It will be time for school before we know it But for now, let's celebrate summer's favorite holiday.

Every year most families head to parks around our nation for a night of fireworks and fun. But how many times have you gotten there only to realize that you forgot the mosquito spray  or a sweater? Been there, done that. But this year it can be different. I've put together a helpful list to keep you on track this fourth of July.

Must Haves for your July 4th Get Together

Water bottles - Stay hydrated!

Sunscreen - I think that's a no brainer but you never know.

Mosquito Spray - 

Sunglasses - yeah it will get dark, eventually.

Socks - yep, to ward off mosquitos.

Hand Wipes - Because germs. And messes. And sweat and dirt.

Comfortable Shoes - Chances are you be walking to your destination, and this is not the time to wear those high heels or thick wedges.

Sweater or light blanket - Just in case it gets cold.

Large Blankets to lay on - Ever year, I see people laying right on the grass. Umm, no thank you.

Foldable Chairs - to give you some much needed back support.

Swimsuit - Well, just in case.

Small First Aid Kit or Band-Aides - for little owwees.

Earplugs - for those who are sensitive to all the noise.

How will you spend your Fourth of July? 

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