Transition from Summer to Fall - Head to Toe

Oh Autumn, how I love you. You are coming to visit soon and I can hardly wait. This girl is giddy with excitement.


Well, because I'll be able to get dressed without sweating profusely even with the AC on full blast. I can curl my hair without frying it because of my wet edges. Oh, and Fall fashion, especially skinny jeans.

That's when the sweaters and wraps, booties and knee high boots make their long awaited appearance. But since it's still very warm outside, how can you prepare for Fall while it still feels like summer? I have a few easy ideas for transitioning from Summer to Fall.

Transition from Summer to Fall - Head to Toe


Time for a deep conditioner. A season of sun, salt and chlorine can take a toll on our hair. A moisture rich hair mask or hot oil treatment can do wonders for summer stressed hair.


As the weather gets colder you'll need to switch your lighter lotions to thicker moisturizing creams. 


Put away your bronzer and golds for next summer. Also, retire your hot pinks and bright oranges. Instead start rocking your browns, reds, and deep berries. That goes for your lips as well as nails.


Fall it's all about the layers. A simple, jean jacket will change your look and keep you warm. 

Do you enjoy Fall as much as I do? How are you preparing for Fall?


  1. I love the Fall! I'm so excited and I'm ready to splurge on another pair of knee-high boots myself!

  2. I will miss summer, but I think I'm ready to wear some cute boots.

  3. It can't get her soon enough! We are still experiencing hot, hot weather. But, I'm dreaming of boots, jeans and yummy wraps and cardigans.

  4. Perfect fall casual look. I am taking pointers, because my husband says I always look like I am going to my old corporate job. It's a problem because now I am a SAHM.

    1. Be sure to look around the blog because I have plenty of casual outfit ideas!

  5. I only like fall colors, but I'm a warm weather girl. These are great tips.

  6. I found some cute hats and wraps at DSW on clearance.

  7. I'm so ready for fall!! It's favorite time of the year especially fall attire and breaking out my boots!! Great tips

  8. Girl, I am not feeling it at all! LOL. It is still mid-summer to me and I don't start wearing cold weather clothes until about October. I don't want to even think about cold weather or cooler weather. So even though your picture is cute and your post is great I am officially blocking this from my mind and ignoring that you mentioned anything about fall. Still love you though! :-D

  9. I am SO ready for fall. I'm especially ready to start transitioning my lip and nail colors.


  10. Girl dont tell me about fall. I mean I love summer so much I want it all year round I am selfish lol!

  11. No, no, no!!! I'm not ready for Fall!!!! I still need at least another month or two of Summer LOL I'll remember these tips when I'm ready to face reality though ;)

  12. Fall is my favorite season. But we usually have to wait until the end of September before the weather cools down in central Arkansas. But I'm definitely enjoying the 80 degree weather we have had this week.

  13. While I love summer, I am so ready for Fall and all that comes with it!
    I love the transition from clothes to Fall!

  14. I love Fall. The weather and the fashion. I'm actually going to throw away/donate 90% of my clothes and just start fresh with basics for Fall. I'm over it lol

  15. Fall is my favorite time of year for many reasons. I love transition attire, I've not started shopping yet but I'm browsing.

  16. I love how simple and clear this post is. I am not a fall person, I LIVE for summer, but these steps will definitely be a great guide for me!


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