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ThredUp for Secondhand Fall Fashion - A Newbie's Experience

Thrift stores. I kinda hate them. There's something about the smell of moth balls and dust that has me wanting to run the other way.

Except the one time when as a little girl, I found the cutest pair of brown woven sandals with heel on it. My grandma saw how much I liked them and bought them for me. I put them on as soon as we left the store. I knew I was the stuff. You couldn't tell me nothing! 

I have visited a few thrift stores since then but I usually skip them. It's just that I hate looking through rows and rows of racks hoping to find that deal.

Insert ThredUp.

I've seen a few ads here and there but never gave it a second thought until now. I was offered a chance to try it for myself.  An online thrift store. Okay, I'm game.

The website looked simple enough. There was even this snazzy black poncho with white detail that got snatched by another shopper. Note to self, put it in your cart if you like it. But then, my search yielded these results. 

Okay, I see you ThredUp. Not bad!

I found a sweater, a couple of dolman style tops (my favorite), and dressy blouses. Two items still had tags on them. For me, that's a plus!

Love the packaging! They must know what it takes to impress me.

Four of the six tops I purchased from ThredUp. I gave 'em a quick wash because I'm funny like that.

ThredUp teal sweater from Catherine's. $8.96

ThredUp Asos black blouse. $12.60

ThredUp Lane Bryant top. This shirt will get plenty of wear during the holidays! $12 (brand new)

I really like everything I got. The fancy blue blouse is a too tight but I'll hang onto it just in case I lose a few pounds. Seriously, I don't know why I haven't considered ThredUp before. They carry major brands like:

J. Crew

Banana Republic

Ann Taylor
White House Black Market
MICHAEL Michael Kors
Lululemon Athletica
Free People
Tory Burch
Marc by Marc Jacobs
J Brand

ThredUp is honestly a game changer now. It's definitely on my radar. Right now, new customers can save $30 off orders of $75 (use code YHJ75) or $50 off orders of $125 (use code WQA50). Existing customers can save 15% with code LNB15 for a limited time.

Have you heard of ThredUp before? What do you think of them?


  1. I've heard of 'em, but I haven't tried them. Love this review and your purchases look great. I especially like the sparkle on the black blouse. I'm not sure I'll try them, but I am considering it since reading your review.

  2. I haven't tried them, but I have heard of them. It took me a while to start thrifting, but I enjoy stores like Goodwill that are well organized and inexpensive.
    Thread up sounds like a great alternative for anyone who likes a good deal.

  3. I ordered a Thred-Up package to send in items but never did so. However, I am still taking items to Goodwill which is where I love to shop because they help create jobs, and I feel like I am contributing to the community. I do, however, like the blue cowl neck sweater on you. #Productreviewparty

  4. I have heard of them, but I haven't tried them. It looks like they have some great stuff though. #ProductReviewParty

  5. I love thrift stories because I always find great deals.Recently I was going through my things and I noticed that some of the stuff I've had the longest were purchased at thrift stores and flea markets, included a leather handbag I purchased 12 years ago at a flea market in the UK. Go figure!

  6. I haven't shopped with ThredUp, but I consign with them. One word of caution, by sure to "shop around" on the site. I sent in mostly Ann Taylor, very nice things, but they priced them at almost new prices. I'm a bargain shopper, so I might not have even paid as much as they charged. But yes, there are nicer things on ThredUp, especially if your a 12/14. 😉

  7. I have heard of ThredUp, but I haven't tried them yet. I like to be able to touch and feel the clothes before I purchase. But those tops look adorable on you. I especially like the Lane Bryant top. It looks really comfy too. #ProductReviewParty

  8. This is too cool! There is nothing new under the sun but what we are discovering are new and innovative ways to package and redistribute these ideas. I love this!

  9. This is too cool! There is nothing new under the sun but what we are discovering are new and innovative ways to package and redistribute these ideas. I love this!

    P.S. I accidently posted my last comment under my hubby's account, lol. My apologies!

  10. I'm not a thrift store person either but this sounds interesting! I've sold on Poshmark before and this sounds really similar.


  11. I love finding great thrift finds. I have several friends who have used Thred Up and purchased nice pieces for their closet. I have been interested in trying it for myself and after reading your review, maybe I should.

  12. Like you, I can't do thrift stores and I have never heard of ThredUp. I'll take a look. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I've heard about them, but I'm still on the fence. Its nice to know they actually sent you items you like.

  14. Ive heard of ThreadUp by some vloggers I follow. I see you can get a variety of items and even some for kids!

  15. Girl, I feel you about thrift stores. The smell is a total turn off, and it takes all day going through the racks.

    I've heard of this brand, but never used them. I have been on their site before, and they have some great clothes on there. #ProductReviewParty

  16. I have been looking at Thredup for the last year. I wasn't sure about it and I am so glad that you posted a review about the service! I may have to try this!

  17. I'm like you, I do not like thrift stores but they are very popular right now! An online thrift store sounds more of my speed if i have a choice. I probaly would have washed the clothes as well. Nice to know that not all the clothes have been worn.

  18. I love thrift store shopping. I like finding unique clothing, especially vintage. I have heard of ThredUp from other friends. It looks like a company I'd like to try. I wonder if they also carry vintage?

  19. I keep hearing about ThredUp, but hadn't really looked into it! Now I will! Thanks for sharing!

  20. My boss uses them. I've seen a few pieces she's gotten that I liked, but some were just ehh.

  21. I like that they carry brand names. I've never tried them.


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