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10 Fun Things You Must Do During Christmastime

Christmas time is my favorite time of year! The food, the fun times with family, and jingle bells in the air makes me want to break out in song. I know it sounds corny, but it's true.

This year, I'm recovering from surgery as you may already know so most of my time will be spent at home or in bed while I'm on the mend.

I usually have a full calendar of events scheduled for my family and I to attend starting with Black Friday all the way until the big day arrives. But since I won't possibly be able to do everything I'd like, I put together a list of fun Christmas time activities that I hope to be able to cross of my Christmas must-do list.

10 Fun Things You Must Do During Christmastime

1. Watch all the Christmas movies. Yep, this one should be no problem for me. No problem at all.

2. Light your fireplace or candles and spend the evening listening to Christmas music. So relaxing.

3.  Make Christmas treats with your kids - My son loves making Peppermint Bark every year. Here's a super easy recipe too.

4. Go tubing or sledding and come back home for hot cocoa. One of the best times I remember is sledding with my sisters and our family during Christmastime.

5. Have a cookie swap with friends or coworkers. Yes please!

6. Pack up your kids, and go look at neighborhood lights or visit a park or zoo's Christmas light display. Bring a thermos of hot apple cider too.

7. Send an old fashioned Christmas card. I still enjoy getting these every year.

8. Attend a Christmas play or concert. Many churches have professional shows for free.

9. Have a family game night. Play Holiday Cherades or your favorite card or board game.

10. Don't forget to share the true meaning of Christmas with your family. Every Christmas Eve, my grandma would share the Christmas story and remind us that Jesus is the reason for the season.

What activities are you planning for your family this Christmas?


  1. Stacie I love your list. All the suggestions rock and I try to do these with my family when they are actually here! LOL Life with just about grown kids is so different for me now than when they were younger. :-( But I make the best of when they are here.

    1. I know what you mean. My kids are grown accept for my teenager. Thankfully, he loves Christmas and is never too old for it.

  2. This a great list that totally embraces the Christmas season. I just asked today about Christmas cards. Do people still love these? or nah? Lol. Have a Merry Christmas lady!

  3. I plan to spend all week watching Christmas Movies! I can't wait to see all my favorites!

  4. At this very moment, my mother and I are sitting next to the fire and watching Christmas movies. My family and I are having a pajama party tomorrow night and we will play games and make Smores and roast hotdogs on our indoor bonfire aka, the fireplace and do a White Elephant gift exchange.

  5. I love all these ideas! Girl, where is that recipe for Peppermint Bark? I'm sure I'm not the first to ask...lol. Happy holidays!

  6. I love your list Stacie these are all things that we love to do during the holidays. Driving around at night looking at the lights with the kids is so much fun.

  7. I hope you are recovering well. We do a few of these, checking out the neighborhood lights is a big one for me. Lights are my favorite. I also believe in sending out old fashion Christmas cards.

  8. I love to bake during this time and the year, as well as going to see the Christmas lights!

  9. We do some of these activities. I can not wait to get with my family and have fun.

  10. Great list! I was just thinking I need to find a redbox and rent a movie or two for the holiday. I also decided to gift a few friends some of my Mother's famous pound cake for the holidays.

  11. We lit our fireplace tonight for the first time since moving into our home. That's 2.5 years lol

  12. Honey, I have been all in on the Hallmark channel with the Christmas movies this season even though I know exactly how they will play out!

  13. I don't know what it is about Christmas this year, but we haven't really done much so far. I'm thinking of celebrating in January 2017 after our move. I think everyone's just drained from packing and a house cluttered with boxes.


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