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Top Hair Apps for Women of Color

It's the new year, and everyone is looking for easy ways to be healthy in the new yer. Nowadays, you can use health and fitness apps to monitor your health. But why not use apps to achieve healthy hair? 

Today I'm sharing a few of the best mobile hair apps that will help you say bye bye to bad hair.

Top Hair Apps for Women of Color

The Hairfinity App continues to help people monitor their hair repair journey by keeping track of progress, setting reminders, having a customized hair plan, providing special tips to meet hair goals, engage with others in the Hairfinity community, and receive personalized hair plan recommendations with a consultation. This all-in-one system is the answer to a consistent journey to improving hair health altogether.

Specializing in African American hair, the Swivel App helps you hunt down new hair stylists and top salons, including those that will come to you, by hair type and desired style. No more fried edges or damaged curls. Umm...sign me up!

Trest is a mobile app that helps women with textured hair find stylists they can trust based on the recommendations of friends in their social networks. The hidden (and not so hidden) stylists are all unraveled here— vetted and rated by the people who you know have the best tressed game.

Do you use hair apps? Which is your favorite?

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  1. Wow...who knew there were hair apps? I like the one that helps you to find stylists -- especially those who will come to me. I guess there really is an app for everything. Thanks, Stacie!


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